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At Pontarddulais Primary School everyone is unique, everyone is important, everyone deserves the very best.

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Mathematics and Numeracy

Mathematics and Numeracy


In Mathematics and Numeracy, your child will develop their understanding of numbers and use symbols n maths. They'll explore shapes and measurement and learn about statistics and probability.


You can view all photos of what the children do for Mathematics and Numeracy by following the Twitter/X link #BontNum

Academic Year 2022-2023

Dosbarth Derbyn trying to guess the wrapped up Numicon

'Am I a Square?' ask Blwyddyn Pump to see how many squares make up people

Blwyddyn Un practising their addition skills

Dosbarth Derbyn helping Little Red Hen count the corn

Blwyddyn Chwech learning about averages

Blwyddyn Un learning odd and even thanks to 'Funnybones'

Blwyddyn Un measuring different bones

Dosbarth Derbyn tasting voting and putting into pictographs their favourite bread

Dosbarth Derbyn sequencing to 10 thanks to Numicon

Blwyddyn Un learning clock reading thanks to Mr. Wolf

Dosbarth Derbyn learning to weigh for their harvest shop

Blwyddyn Un busy comparing numbers

Dosbarth Derbyn Using Autumn Treasures for Maths Skills

Blwyddyn Pump Rounding to Nearest 10, 100, 1,000

Super Maths with Blwyddyn Un

Blwyddyn Dau Printing Place Values

Blwyddyn Un Practising Number and Cutting Skills

Before 2022

Blwyddyn 3 JM Practical Maths

Year 3 - collecting data - how climate friendly is our area. Constructing a bar chart and interpreting data

Year 3 - Practical maths

Year 3 Practical Problem Solving

Year 2 woodland number hunt

Reception/Year 1 using direction skills to track the Big Bad Wolf

Year 6 learning about finances

Year 6 finding out if boys are squarer than girls

Reception counting in twos by threading paper plates, building towers and walking along paths

Year 6 learning about population density in Pontarddulais, Swansea and Wales.

Year 4 taking temperatures throughout the school

Reception/Year 1 are subtraction shooting stars

Year 2 learning about halves and quarters of numbers

Year 3 - Coin recognition, ordering and place value of coins

Year 1 learning subtraction, with a twist

Blwyddyn 3 - Learning to tell the time on an analogue clock to the nearest 5 minutes

Making odd and even number paper chains in Dosbarth Derbyn.

Reception and Year 1 learning time with What's the Time?

Reception and Year 1 on an Easter Egg hunt with a difference, Number Bonds

Reception learning 2D and 3D shapes

Reception learning addition with chicks and Numicon

Reception using the shop and measuring daffodils for maths problems

Year 2 solving multiplication problems with Welsh cakes

Year 2 learning about money making money monsters

Year 2 bread tasting. Today we tasted different breads. We collected our information.

Year 2. Today our cheeky elf hid our number 40. We made missing posters to find it