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Science and Technology

Science and Technology


In Science and Technology, your child will learn about biology, chemistry, physics, computer science and design and technology. They'll learn about design and engineering, living things, matter, forces and energy and how computers work.


You can view all photos of what the children do for Science and Technology by following the Twitter/X link #BontSciTech#BontSciTec or #BontICT

Academic Year 2022-2023

Blwyddyn Un developing cutting and threading skills

Dosbarth Derbyn investigating snowmen an which one will melt fastest

Can Blwyddyn Pump make a bridge with two sheets of A4 paper?

Our successful coders

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Our coders came third for DVLA Code Challenge 2022 winning £1000 for digital gadgets

Blwyddyn Dau doing experiments with candles to help Santa after a power cut in the North Pole

Blwyddyn Dau learning of human's impact on the world's oceans

Meithrin doing festive ICT skills

Blwyddyn Pump learning on the affects of smoking

Dosbarth Derbyn opening Advent and completing the challenge

Blwyddyn Chwech learning about reversible and irreversible materials and changes

Blwyddyn Pedwar launching rockets for STEM

Blwyddyn Uns spaghettic Towers for STEM

Blwyddyn Un learning how to log into devices

Blwyddyn Dau working as a team with their models

Dosbarth Derbyn learning how temperature affects corn

An eggs-citing experiment for Blywddyn Dau a Tri

TechnoCamps experience for Blywddyn Chwech

Nursery Ten Cup challenge for STEM

Can Blwyddyn Pump solve how to clean an oil spill for STEM Day

Dosbarth Derbyn amazed to see how dough changes

Blwyddyn Chwech planning a fair test on why some items dissolve

Blwyddyn Un learning the life cycle of a pumpkin

Dosbarth Derbyn exploring and making autumn crowns

A day at the Taliesin ignited Blwyddyn Chwech's passion for science

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Blwyddyn Chwech at the Taliesin

Meithrin making and testing bread

Meithrin had a surprise in a box to investigate

Blwyddyn Pedwar testing friction on different surfaces

Blwyddyn Chwech learning how temperature affects particles

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Dosbarth Derbyn developing their Fine Motor Skills

'Can you train a computer?' ask Blwyddyn Pump

Blwyddyn Pedwar trying to resolve our car park chaos

Wonderful Hedgehog homes from Dosbarth Derbyn

Blwyddyn Un exploring with BeeBots

Dosbarth Derbyn finding and examining Autumn treasures

Blwyddyn Un Testing and making houses for the Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf

Blwyddyn Pump activating prior knowledge about internal organs

Blwyddyn Dau learning the Life Cycle of a Frog

Blwyddyn Dau/Tri Making Stop Motion Animation of Life Cycle of Frog

Blwyddyn Tri Learning the Life Cycle of a Frog and making Stop Motion Animations

Blwyddyn Dau Stop Motion Animation of Life Cycle of Frog

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Blwyddyn Dau Life Cycle of a Frog Stop Motion Animation

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Blwyddyn Dau Learning the Life Cycle of a Frog

Blwyddyn Dau sorting Living and Non Living Objects

Before 2022

Year 5 meeting with Mr Davies about sustainable energy in the school

Year 4 using Lego WeDo for a forces experiment

Year 1 taking a new friend home, grown in class

Reception/Year 1 going on a bug hunt

Year 6 learning about Cyber Crimes

Year 3 learning about a balanced diet and 5 a day

Year 5 designing and making wind turbines.

Year 1 testing their houses with Mr. Wilson as the Big Bad Wolf

Year 5 making wind turbines

Reception and Reception/Year 1 investigating, building and experimenting materials for houses against the Big Bad Wolf

Year 5 testing different materials to see how conductive they are

Year 6 creating databases based on the Space Race

Reception using J2E to make pictures of the Three Little Pigs

Year 5 building circuits together.

Year 2 using circuits to make a nightlight for Plop the Owl

Blwyddyn 3 - Let the floodgates open! Year 3 built their own floodgate using Lego and coded it to open and close. The challenge was for them to then alter the code for the gate to open for 5 seconds and then 9 seconds.

Blwyddyn 3 -Coded floodgate

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Dosbarth Derbyn planting flowers and learning about how things grow.

Year 6 'bonded' with particles learning different states of matter

Using curioscope app to read pulses.

Year 5, what will cities look like in the future?

Year 6 reading pulses

Year 6 learning about the circulatory system

Reception learning about the life cycle of a hen

Reception and Year 1 using BeeBot on Tedi Twt's farm

Year 6 using online resources for research, is it reliable

Squashed tomatoes challenge winners! Their design was voted the most effective by their peers.

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'Squashed tomatoes challenge' Blwyddyn 6. Testing, testing!

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Which forces act upon a plane? Which design will be the most effective and stay in the air longest? Will there be an anomaly in our results...let's investigate Blwyddyn 6! #flight #welovescience

STEM day - Blwyddyn 6!

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STEM day in Blwyddyn 6! 'Squashed tomatoes' challenge. Children using their knowledge of STEM to solve real-life problems and help the developing world. #STEM #buddingengineers #creativeenterprisers

STEM! Year 6 - Budding engineers

Year 2 STEM week Egg projectors