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Year 3

Work for the Summer Term 2020 is in the 'Activities for School Closure' folder. 


Education At Home


If you'd like to access links to enhance your child's education at home you can use free Twinkl resources that are available to all parents. You simply have to create an account and use the code which is CVDTWINKLHELPS .


To access the Year 3 resources you can follow the link we've placed on your child's J2E account. It's the folder named 'Twinkl Online'


Don't forget that you can also access a wealth of resources on HWB and BBC Bitesize KS2.

There is also a wealth of resources on our Useful Links page.


Suggested topics:

Maths - time, reading time to the nearest 5 minutes on an analogue clock, reading am/pm times on a digital clock - 'Top Marks' has some lovely games for teaching time, symmetry - recognising lines of symmetry in shapes. Revise division and fractions - mainly halves and quarters of shapes and amounts. Reading temperatures on a thermometer. Practice times tables.

Language - Daily reading.  There are a wealth of comprehensions on Twinkl and handwriting practise sheets. Grammar practise - knowing when to use capital letters and full stops, always useful. 

Natural Disaster Project

Complete your own research into other natural disasters such as, tsunamis, hurricanes, earthquakes or floods. Find out about issues closer to home like flooding, coastal erosion or the Aberfan disaster. There is a wealth of information, including powerpoint presentations etc on Twinkl as well as Britannica Kids (accessible through HWB). 


  • Make a fact file or book
  • Write a newspaper report for a disaster 
  • Record yourself doing your own presentation on the topic and upload it to HWB
  • Have a go at using green screen and act as a reporter doing a news update
  • Create some natural disaster art


Remember to share your lovely work on HWB for your teachers to see!

Disaster Zone Art Ideas

Some useful links for you to use at home.