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Big Questions

Croeso i Flwyddyn 5 / Welcome to Year 5

Tymor yr Hydref / Autumn Term

Theme – The Victorians / Working Whispers

This theme has a history focus and teaches children about the Victorian era including the lives of the rich and poor and other significant social and moral changes of the 19thcentury. At the heart of this project children learn how to write newspaper and other reports on an historical theme and learn additional skills of explanation writing. Children will learn about the Victorian era, the social, moral and technological issues of the day, the important people of the day including those who influenced and changed things. It will also enable children to reflect on the life of children in the Victorian era and compare this to their lives today. The topic is rich in local history and children will get a flavor of what life was like socially for people who lived in Pontarddulais during this time.



Working Whispers: 

Year 5 will be working with the artist Dr Julian Lewis and various other talented artists over the forthcoming months on a collaborative project with St Joseph's Catholic Primary School, that will incorporate a multi-sensory discipline approach to materials and media. Focusing on the work of Josef Herman and the mining history of the South Wales Valleys.  Pupils will explore the skills of drawing through line, tone and texture upon a wide variety of surfaces. This work will progress to branch out into large paintings, 3D sculptures, illustration and slate etching.  

Year 5 Autumn Term Big Question

Spring Term 2020 

Theme – Gallery

This theme has an art focus and explores the artwork of a variety of artists from different periods of history and develops children’s painting skills using a variety of materials. Children will learn to write structured poetry and narrative, developing additional skills in the use of descriptive language. Pupils will learn about how the work of various artists throughout history has been used to express their views, and how artists’ work reflected the times they lived in. Pupils will learn how to use art, poetry and narrative to express their feelings and opinions and then display their art and creative work effectively.


Gallery Big Questions Spring 2020

Summer Term 2020

Theme – Energy (Science)


This theme has a Science focus and teaches children about different types and sources of energy and the social, environmental and economic impact of these. At the heart of this project children write letters to communicate with a range of fictional and real organizations and develop additional skills to writing explanations and making scientific recordings. Pupils will apply their skills and understanding by creating a micro wind farm on the school grounds. Children will learn about different sources of energy and how these work and what forces they use. About the uses of different power and energy sources in our everyday lives and about the impact of energy sources on humans, economy, the environment and the generation of Energy from Wales. How to carry out fair tests and how to make a range of models to generate energy. How to record and draw inferences from data and how to write letters in a formal style.